Zibo Langda Composite Material Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University of Technology signed the "Langda Hydrogen Energy Project"

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On June 29, 2022, Liu Peng, chairman of Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd., was invited to Zibo Qisheng International Hotel to participate in the "Science and Technology Innovation China · University Technology Trading Conference". The conference was jointly hosted by China Association for Science and Technology, China Association of Higher Education, and Zibo Municipal Government. The theme of the conference was "innovation driven, collaborative empowerment". The conference was aimed at building a national university technology trading event, efficiently connecting regional innovation supply and demand resources, and serving regional high-quality innovation development. The conference was presided over by Wu Yingce, director of the Business Development Department of the Chinese Association of Higher Education, attended by Jiang Enlai, vice president and secretary-general of the Chinese Association of Higher Education, Bi Hongwei, deputy mayor of Zibo City, etc. The participants included more than 30 university technical teams and leaders in the field of scientific and technological achievements transformation, leaders and managers of Zibo Municipal Government and the Working Committee of the High tech Zone.


At the signing ceremony of the conference, Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University of Technology signed a school enterprise cooperation project - "Langda Hydrogen Energy Project"


The "Rhonda Hydrogen Energy Project" is intended to be incubated by Zibo Hi tech Zone. In combination with the current application needs of carbon fiber wound reinforced plastic liner gas cylinders, it will carry out research and development and pilot production line construction. Its main product is carbon fiber reinforced hydrogen storage pressure vessels, which is based on years of composite material manufacturing experience of Rhonda and the strong composite material R&D capability of the R&D team, After the completion of the "carbon fiber composite shaft roll and its advanced manufacturing technology" certified by the China Textile Federation, which has reached the international advanced level, and solved the problem of high performance carbon fiber shaft roll in China's high-end equipment neck technology, another key technical product related to hydrogen storage in the hydrogen energy industry chain.


The signing of the "Rhonda Hydrogen Energy Project" marks a new step in the cooperation between Rhonda and Wuhan University of Technology. The two sides will work closely to speed up the implementation of this project and complete the project construction and production as soon as possible. In the future, the two sides will also continue to strengthen school enterprise cooperation, accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, promote the deep integration of science and technology and the economy, improve the effectiveness of scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation, drive innovation, enable collaboration, and grow together for win-win development!

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