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Introduction of Zibo Langda Composite Material Co., Ltd



Zibo Langda Composite Material Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2010. It is located in the culturally and historically prosper  town of Confucianism - Shandong, a group-type industrial city - Zibo, there are outstanding people and industrial development that characterize beautiful Zibo, located; at the cross of Jin-Shan highway and Jiqing highway, with convenient transportation; on the North of the Yellow River, in the beautiful and rich region.

        The company is located in Zibo Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yu Min Road 139 and among the state torch “high-tech enterprises”. The registered equity is 5.8 million RMB.  Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd. to build the  "carbon fiber pipe research and development center" and the formation of Zibo City carbon fiber shaft industry strategic alliance (leader).  In 2015, the company was rated as China's carbon fiber composite technology- and production enterprise. The company covers an area of 30,000 square meters, 121 employees, 9 persons in the research and development team, with 27 patents, including 9 invention patents, in five countries. The company has the license to import and export. The company has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Mannheim (Germany) and Los Angeles (USA).
        The company has a total of nine functional departments; divided into a technical center, two marketing companies, three production divisions and other functional departments. The main business comprises of various products: pultrusion, rolling, winding carbon fiber core material, carbon fiber pipe parts; carbon fiber shaft roller parts, glass fiber roller; carbon fiber telescopic rod; car modified parts;  high-end industry equipment manufacturing areas, the new field of solar energy cleaning, equipment testing, sports equipment, and other advanced equipment manufacturing areas to provide supporting accessories. The enterprise devotes its efforts to create: "China's most professional customized carbon fiber pipe parts!"  The company is one of the most professional manufacturers of carbon fiber pipe fittings in China. The company has 9 production lines for a full set of high-grade CNC carbon fiber pipe, involving more than 150 sets of equipment, with the value of more than 3,000 million RMB. The company produces more than 6 million various sets of carbon fiber pipe for various industries and has processes involving  pultrusion, wrapping, winding, vacuum forming. With the pultrusion line of equipment imported from Great Britain and the winding equipment imported from Germany, with controlling by the world's leading CADWIND software, to achieve numerical control design modeling, design verification and space movement code operations trinity. This resulted in producing China's latest technical equipment on an European level. Now, the company has domestic and foreign advanced digital signal precision test equipment with the industry's advanced detection capabilities.
        Zibo Langda Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is advancing in technology development, products testing and manufacturing capabilities, and reached an international advanced level, to meet domestic and international customers customized multi-purpose carbon fiber tube and other products.
        In the past years the company provides product quality of life, integrity management, confidant business!